Changes to Skilled Occupation lists as of 17 January 2018

The following changes to skilled occupation lists apply from 17 January 2018. Some new caveats (special conditions) apply for specific occupations.  Please note, more than 1 STSOL and MLTSSL exists. To ensure that you meet requirements to apply for a visa, book an assessment with one of our Registered Immigration Specialists. Find out more about what a migration assessment involves.

Occupations added to the STSOL


612112Property manager Yes
272314Psychotherapist Nil
612115Real estate representative Yes


Occupations moved from the STSOL to the MLTSSL


121316Horse breeder Yes
224711Management consultant Yes

Occupations removed from the lists


312112Building associate *this occupation is still available for the RSMS187
142114Hair or beauty salon manager *this occupation is still available for the RSMS187

Occupations with caveat only changes


ANZSCOOccupationCaveat change
141999Accommodation and hospitality managers necNew caveat
221112Management accountantNew caveat
411611Massage therapistWording amendment
223112Recruitment consultantAmended caveat
133611Supply and distribution managerAmended caveat
221113Taxation accountantAmended caveat

Do you qualify for a visa?


A migration assessment with a registered Australian Immigration Specialist is a very important and worthwhile part of the migration process as it will allow you to obtain precise information for your situation based on updated legislation. Find out more about what a migration assessment involves.