Skilled Temporary Work visa

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Do you have an employer prepared to sponsor you for a 457 visa?

The 457 Temporary Work Visa is the most commonly used work visa. It allows an employee to work and live in Australia for up to four years. An employer can sponsor an overseas worker to fill a nominated skilled position in Australia on a temporary basis. Immediate family members such as a partner and dependent children can also be included on the application. This visa also allows for multiple entries to Australia.

The 457 visa application process consists of various stages. The applicant must have an employer willing to sponsor them and employers must meet specific sponsorship and nomination requirements in order to be eligible to sponsor the applicant. An employer outside Australia may also be eligible if they wish to establish a business in Australia.

The applicant must meet specific criteria to obtain a 457 visa including relevant skills and qualifications, english language skills and in some cases particular licences or registration as well as other requirements including health insurance.

If you do not meet all criteria as specified in the Australian Migration legislation, it may still be possible for you to obtain 457 visa Australia, depending on your circumstances.

Australian Immigration laws change regularly, often several times per year therefore it is important for you to be aware of the most recent changes to migration legislation and how they may affect your situation. As registered Migration professionals, we receive instant updates from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as well as migration industry representative bodies and associations. We handle the visa application process for you to ensure the best outcome for your personal situation.

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