“Absolutely fantastic”

Pedro and I met during my business trip in the Philippines. While our future at the time was very unpredictable, we eventually decided it would be best we live in Australia. We both knew the immigration process wasn’t going to be that easy and that it required quite a lot of paperwork, so we turned to Australian Immigration Specialists for assistance and advice. They turned out to be absolutely fantastic in assisting us throughout the whole immigration process from start to finish. I must admit it was a little stressful however it is absolutely worth the wait and the stress. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Anna and her colleagues that Pedro would have to wait much longer for the visa to come through. But thanks to Anna, it only took a couple of months to prepare for the visa application, and only seven months for visa to get granted since application. We couldn’t have it any better, especially after listening to other peoples stories who either waited for years, or who even got their visas rejected.

So if you have plans to move to Australia and you need advice then I strongly recommend you contact Anna (and Anastasia) at Australian Immigration Specialists.