“I highly recommend AIS as a complete Immigration solution for Australia”

I was referred to Australian Immigration Specialists (AIS) by a friend during my initial enquiry about immigration to Australia. I tried to understand the Australian immigration process myself as I was advised by some people that one can apply and get visa without using services from consultants. Although there seemed to be a general understanding regarding the process, I could not get familiar with the jargon and other nitty-gritty details. There seemed to be an awesome amount of details that I needed to understand and lodge my application with perfect precision, documentation and data. As I was busy with my current job in Nepal, I simply did not have enough time to dedicate for this.

I got a positive response from AIS as they thoroughly reviewed my CV and as long as I could provide all the documents supporting my credentials in the CV, AIS assured me that I am eligible for the SI189 visa. Initial consultation with AIS was brief with a staff from my country, Nepal, advising me and clarifying various queries. I thought that a Nepali staff looking at an immigration case from Nepal was really helpful and very professional on AIS’s part.

AIS simplified the entire process so much for me which until then I thought as a complex one and had a hard time understanding the details about. AIS made the process absolutely stress-free for me. I really applaud their constant follow-up without which, considering my busy schedule, could not have made the application possible. This showed how AIS cared that I filed the application on time.

One of my biggest concerns was the appropriateness of the documents, especially work references. AIS staff were adamant on specific requirements which made me re-work the references, which in turn secured my visa. This shows how professional and knowledgeable they are in their work.

Not once did I think I would be granted the 189 so easily. Now that I have the visa and I look back, I thank AIS for their hard work, commitment and professional attitude. I as a client, am fully satisfied with what AIS offered as their services and look forward to deal with them in future.

I highly recommend AIS as a complete immigration solution for Australia.