“We felt protected and very well treated”

Hi everyone there, this is Giorgio Dal Mas and Li Sa Chan and we would like to share with you our great experience with Australian Immigration Specialists, a Company that provides help and support to people like us that want to stay and settle down in Australia.

The last goal that we reached thanks to “Australian Immigration Specialists” is my girlfriend’s De Facto Student Visa. When Li Sa, my girlfriend, decided to apply for a De Facto Student Visa to stay with me in Australia, we struggled trying to find information. Luckily one of our contacts mentioned “Australian Immigration Specialists” and we ended up dealing with our reference Anna Maria Alba, the Immigration consultant and later on with Anastasia Vu who took care of our documentations.

As everyone knows, the Australian Government is very strict and every time someone needs to go through a Visa process, it is stressful and tiring.

For us it was different because we met “Australian Immigration Specialists”, they followed us every single step of our process with efficiency and reliability.

Since the first initial consultation with Anna Maria Alba we felt comfortable and we received clear and easy to understand information about our matter and by then we understood that we were in good hands.

The Service we got through Anna Maria and Anastasia has been smooth, precise, professional and fast. Timing is more than important in such situations and we appreciated their effort to help us, particularly when we felt stressed.

Step by step we received documentations to fill in and a great and friendly contact with them assured that all those forms were filled in properly so that the lodgment was processed positively.

At the end, finally Li Sa got her Visa and nowadays we live happily together in Australia. We will need more help in the future for our new Visas and purposes and for sure we will keep in contact with Australian Immigration Specialists because we felt protected and very well treated especially by Anna Maria Alba and Anastasia Vu, we would recommend them with closed eyes. Once again, we suggest this Service to everyone that needs fast support, clear information and a friendly approach because when we were overseas, this is mainly what we needed.

Good luck to everyone with your own path here in this fabulous land of freedom called Australia.