“I felt very supported and well guided through all the steps”

I met you online, googled for immigration services to immigrate to Australia  and you came up I think one of the first on the search results. After I called and spoke to one of your team members, I received a few emails regarding my call and my migration needs. This was when I was in Australia, I was looking into being sponsored by my father. Then once my visitor visa expired and I was back in Spain I wanted to apply to go back to Australia and also see about applying for a Resident Return visa. We had a Skype session where you asked me some questions and were very helpful in getting me back to Australia as a visitor and also helped me with information regarding my inquiries regarding returning as a resident.

The next stage was when I was in Singapore, we went through all the steps regarding all the paperwork required for my visitor visa. I felt very supported and well guided through all the steps.

Final stage was when I was in Bali and the actual lodging of the visa took place, at which point I was surprised and pleased to see my application had been approved within hours of lodging it. I think I haven’t left anything out. Oh yes, I had received the welcoming, kind of celebratory email at the end, about a day after my application had been approved. About 2-3 weeks later I was on my way to Darwin!

Thank you!