What’s so great about Cross-Cultural Relationships?

If you find yourself in a cross-cultural relationship, lucky you! Considering differences you may come across between cultures there’ll be no time for boredom! Being part of a cross-cultural relationship is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your awareness of different cultures and enrich your life with varying experiences including different types of food, languages, and lifestyles between different families and countries etc. This creates an excellent opportunity to pick different aspects you like from each culture and create your own ‘culture’!

Let’s talk a bit more about what ‘culture’ actually means.

What is Culture?

As defined by Psychology Professor John Gottman, “Usually we think of culture in terms of large ethnic groups or even countries where particular customs and cuisine prevail. But culture can also be created by just two people who have agreed to share their lives. In essence, each couple and each family create its microculture”. So just like any other culture in the world, families create their own ‘culture,’ including their own unique beliefs, behaviors, and way of life.

Some people may believe that couples who come from the same country or ‘caste’ come from the same ‘culture,’ that is, they share the same beliefs, behaviors, lifestyles, etc. however many fail to realize that although two people can come from the same country, each person comes from a different family. For example, two people who come from the same country and/or ‘caste’ come from two different families, and each person has been exposed to different views, behaviors, family customs, etc. from their respective families. Therefore the fact that two people come from the same country or caste does not mean they come from the same culture. Each person will always find different views, habits, etc. in their partner as a result of their family and personal experiences creating individual uniqueness.


Some people believe that cross-cultural relationships can be more challenging due to different cultural backgrounds; however, as previously explained, each person is an individual and comes from their own set of life experiences.

So..to overcome differences concerning behaviors, views, habits, etc., it’s all about communication, compromise, respecting, and understanding differences. This applies to any type of relationship regardless of where people come from. As long as two people practice to communicate effectively and accept and embrace the fact that they can create their own unique family culture, life can be full of fun!

In Summary.. When it comes to Cross-Cultural relationships, there are more benefits!

  • See, do, smell, taste, and feel new things.
  • Exciting – an opportunity to broaden your mind and take part in new experiences
  • Variety – an opportunity to eat different types of foods and experience different kinds of events and customs
  • Learn different languages and how to see things in different ways and from different angles
  • Travel to new places and learn more from connections with the locals
  • Children often look unique with different ethnic colors mixed and live a life enriched with different experiences.
  • Create your own unique family culture


Why is Australia so great when it comes to Cross-Cultural relationships?

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, welcoming people from more than 200 different countries, including numerous races and religions.

Our society is very accepting of people from different countries and cultures, and most people are curious and love to question to learn more about different cuisines, life-styles, views, etc. rather than discriminate or judge.

People living in Australia are very lucky to live in a very inclusive, liberal, and respectful society overall. As residents in Australia are used to living as part of a multicultural society, people connect with others of different cultures more quickly than less multicultural countries.

Are you interested in a Cross-Cultural relationship?

These days people all over the world meet online through dating sites and social media platforms. This has become the new norm. The advantage of dating sites is that you can easily select among those who are single or of a specific age, with kids or without kids and who have specific interests, etc., and commence a conversation that can lead to a friendship or more.

Australia also hosts many multicultural events and friendship groups such as International Friends Australia, which was designed to broaden awareness of different cultures through people from all over the world. Join our International Friends community online and on FaceBook .

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