Skilled occupations for Engineers and IT Professionals

Click on the links below to find out more about minimum skill requirements for each occupation. Please note, depending on which visa you wish to apply for a skills assessment may be required. To ensure you obtain precise info regarding requirements please arrange an appointment for a full assessment with one of our Immigration Specialists.

Important Update regarding Skilled occupation lists

Skilled occupation lists have changed several times recently. Certain occupations have been added, removed and re-added to several occupation lists. There is no longer one single MLTSSL or STSOL list, different lists apply for each visa subclass. For example, an occupation may appear on an MLTSSL list for one visa subclass however not for another. In addition, specific additional requirements now apply to many occupations.

More than ever before requirements and processes to obtain a visa have become more confusing for applicants. To ensure you obtain precise information for your specific situation based on updated migration laws please arrange a full migration assessment with one of our Immigration Specialists.

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Engineering Manager133211
Ship’s Engineer231212
Chemical Engineer233111
Materials Engineer233112
Civil Engineer233211
Geotechnical Engineer233212
Structural Engineer233214
Transport Engineer233215
Electrical Engineer233311
Electronics Engineer233411
Industrial Engineer233511
Mechanical Engineer233512
Production or Plant Engineer233513
Aeronautical Engineer233911
Agricultural Engineer233912
Biomedical Engineer233913
Engineering Technologist233914
Environmental Engineer233915
Naval Architect233916
ICT business Analyst261111
Systems Analyst261112
Analyst Programmer261311
Developer Programmer261312
Software Engineer261313
Computer Network and Systems Engineer263111
Telecommunications Engineer263311
Telecommunications Network Engineer263312
Civil Engineering Draftsperson312211
Civil Engineering Technician312212
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson312311
Electrical Engineering Technician312312
Telecommunications Field Engineer313212
Telecommunications Network Planner313213
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist313214