Partner visa government fee increase

26 January 2015

Family and partner visa australia

The government has announced that the Partner visa application fee will increase as of 1 January 2015.

For those of you interested in applying for a partner visa, in order to take advantage of the current fee before the increase, your documents and application will need to be finalised before 31 December 2014.

Please note, some documents may be submitted after 1 January 2015 however most documents must be submitted before the end of the year.

Partner visa government fees

Provisional and permanent partner visas (Subclass 309/100)
current fee$3085
from 1 Jan 2015 $4627.50

Prospective marriage visa (Subclass 300)
current fee $3085
from 1 Jan 2015 $4627.50

Temporary and permanent partner visas (Subclass 820/801)
current fee $4575
from 1 Jan 2015 $6865.50

If you would like us to meet the end of year deadline for your partner visa application, please advise by 22 December 2014 so that we can arrange time in advance.