Skilled Visas – Points Score Update

21 August 2017

If you are interested in a skilled visa or currently in the process of applying for a skilled visa, here’s the latest update:

Updated Points Scores

Points scores have been updated for specific occupations as listed below for the Skilled 189 visa. It is expected that points scores will decrease over time. For all the occupations not listed the points score is currently 70 points for Skilled 189 visas and for the skilled 489 and 190 visas, the points score still remains at 60 points.

Occupation group codeOccupation/sPoints score currently required for Subclass 189
2212Auditors, Company Secretaries
and Corporate Treasurers
2334Electronics Engineer70
2335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers70
2339Other Engineering Professionals70
2611ICT Business and System Analysts75
2613Software and Applications Programmers70
2631Computer Network Professionals70

Occupation Ceilings

Occupation ceilings have increased for certain occupations. This means that the government is now sending out more invitations for a number of occupations:

– Accountants: 4785 places available, an increase of 2285

– Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers: 2178 places available, an increase of 639

– Software and Applications Programmers: 6202 places available, an increase of 540

– ICT Business and Systems Analysts: 1574 places available, an increase of 92


A reduced number of places apply for the following occupations. This means points scores or waiting times may increase:

– Computer Network Professionals: 1318 places available, a decrease of 108

– Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers: 1327 places available, a decrease of 86


Ceilings for the following occupations have not changed:

– Electronics Engineers: 1000 places available

– Other Engineering Professionals: 1000 places available


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