Are you eligible for medicare?

Medicare for permanent residency applicants

Once you are a permanent resident or Australian citizen you are entitled to receive medicare benefits which includes free access to public hospital health care, however you may also be eligible if you are not yet an Australian permanent resident or citizen.

In most cases, if you have lodged an application for permanent residency you may be entitled to medicare. The following conditions apply:

  • you must hold a valid temporary visa (including a bridging visa), and have permission to work; or
  • you must hold a valid temporary visa (including a bridging visa), and have a parent/spouse/de facto partner/child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • you have not applied for a parent visa

To apply, the following will be required:

  • Passport/s for each applicant
  • Copy of your current visa grant letter
  • Visa application acknowledgement letter and payment receipt
  • If you do not have permission to work, proof of their relationship with a spouse, parent or child who is an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident

To lodge an application and for more information, refer to the medicare website.

Reciprocal health care agreements

The Australian Government has arranged Reciprocal Health Care Agreements for citizens of certain countries which means that if you are a citizen of an eligible country you can receive medicare benefits whilst holding a valid temporary visa.

You must be a citizen of one of the following countries: United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and Italy.

Keep in mind that you will be able to access medicare only for a certain period and each time you re-enter Australia you can re-apply. Refer to the medicare website for more information.