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There are openings for nursing jobs in many areas of Australia, but remote area nursing jobs are becoming much harder to fill, since many nurses would prefer to live in the larger metropolitan areas. Those with experience in nursing are almost guaranteed jobs, due to the shortages of skilled staff in remote areas.

Many people seeking enrolled nursing jobs prefer to work in cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. This leaves a lack of suitable candidates for positions in rural areas. Health professionals including nurses are in high demand in Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Especially in demand are occupational therapists, cardiac sonographers, midwives and registered nurses. Experienced candidates are easily placed in these areas. Rural nursing jobs pay from $30 per hour. Experience is more important in remote areas, since workers have less access to supervisorial staff.

The Darwin Private Hospital is one with a high demand for community nursing jobs, for applicants with surgical and general medical experience. Those qualified for aged care nursing jobs are in very short supply in the Northern Territory, especially in the most remote areas. Due to the location, there are not as many experienced job candidates as there are in larger communities.

Working and living in the remote areas of Australia is not easy to become accustomed to, but there are benefits in housing and higher salaries. Other facilities that are seen in major cities may be lacking in remote areas.

Some other skills that are in high demand in rural areas include dialysis nurses, aged care nurses, registered nurses and specialised nurses. Tasmania needs nurses and midwives in remote areas. The most recent reports on skills in demand outline the continued need for nurses, mental health clinicians, intake officers and other mental health professionals.

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