Top 5 Reasons to Study in Regional Areas of Australia

Usually, most of the students moving to study in Australia only think of the iconic capitals. They just plan to live and study in big cities in Australia but do not realize those big cities are not the only locations to find opportunities. Australian regional cities like Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania, Ballarat, Townsville, etc. offer many unique opportunities for international students.

You might also be hearing about the most discussed topic – extra migration benefits for permanent residency from choosing to study at a designated regional educational institution. That’s right!

If you choose to study in regional areas, you could get an extra 5 points towards Permanent Residency, and additional one-year post-study work rights on a Graduate visa as well as the same standard of quality education just like the big cities provide in Australia. Likewise, you can get the opportunity to explore the real Australian lifestyle, glory of beautiful beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, and opportunities that far exceed those available in big cities.

Read more about other reasons to consider studying in regional cities of Australia:

Affordable cost of living

In comparison to the big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the cost of living is almost half in many regional cities and towns. So, you could enjoy the chance to live in quality accommodation paying less. All additional expenses like traveling, groceries, food, and even entertainment are way cheaper than any big city.
As per the research conducted by various sources, including interviewing our students living in different regions, here’s what we found:


CitiesThe estimated cost of living in AUS (per month)
Sydney$2000 – 2500
Adelaide$1500 – 1700
Hobart, Tasmania$1500 – 1700
Perth$1200 – 1500
Darwin$1200 – 1500
Cairns$800 – 1200


Specialty course offerings

Regional areas provide study opportunities in secondary schools, TAFE, universities, and English language studies. Several reputed education institutions, including well-known universities, have their campuses in regional areas and offer similar amenities and a wide range of disciplines just like the big city campuses.


Opportunity for Immigration

If you complete your studies in a regional town or city, you can gain extra points towards Permanent Residency. So, if you are someone planning to apply for permanent residency in Australia, studying in a designated regional area will give you an absolute benefit. Studying or living in any provincial city for over two years will grant you an extra five points towards a skilled Permanent Residency visa.

Relaxing lifestyle with Big City Amenities

As an international student, what would you prioritize after your selected course of study? It’s obvious! The quality of your living standard and lifestyle.

Wouldn’t you enjoy a life that is so calm and relaxing near to nature without any hustle and bustle compared to a big city? Take part in leisure activities between classes in the middle of nature such as beaches or national parks and at the same time, find the same entertainment hubs and facilities like big cities with a more relaxed lifestyle.

And… in regional areas there’s less competition for a part-time job while you study with more chances of being paid higher wages! What more could you ask for?!

 Bond with the Community

Regional university campuses have a more robust community feel due to the smaller student associations making it easier to meet and get to know people around you. Living in a regional area allows international students to explore, discover, and build their network with different people from different communities.


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Photo by Faris Kassim on Unsplash