Updates to the Australian Education system

The National Strategy for International Education 2025 that was released by the Australian Government on 30 April 2016, sets forth a 10-year proposal for progressing Australia’s role as a universal leading light in pedagogy, training and research. To boost, promote and raise the sector, it also provides an outline of priorities for the education community as well.

In order to be more adaptive, advanced and internationally engaged, Australia’s international education sector will be facilitated by The National Strategy. It will strengthen our internationally recognized education system, increase global partnerships and drive collaboration with local communities and international partners. In close discussion with the sector and across all ranks of government, The National Strategy has been developed.

Supported by the Department of Education and Training, the carrying out of the National Strategy will be supervised by a new council for international education. The interested parties who overwhelmingly specified a necessity for high-level leadership and fine management for international education were responded to by the establishment of the council.

The National Strategy is complemented by the Australian International Education 2025 market development roadmap and the Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy.

Please refer to the link below to read more about the key focus areas of the National Strategy that are delineated through three pillars and also check out the interesting key themes of the National Strategy.



Source: Migration Institute of Australia