Working Holiday Visas – Working Beyond 6 months

Is it possible to work beyond 6 months on a Working Holiday visa?

Many Working Holiday visa holders ask us whether it is possible to work beyond 6 months for the same employer. The following points may answer all your questions:

The Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417) as well as the Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462) impose the 8547 condition: The holder must not be employed by any 1 employer for more than 6 months, without the prior permission in writing of the Secretary.

Working for longer than 6 months with the same organisation would generally not be considered consistent with condition 8547;

Working for a business for longer than 6 months, in circumstances where there has been a change of name or of underlying ownership, would generally be considered a continuation of employment with the same employer;

Visa holders cannot stay with any end user/employer (in the same or a different position) beyond 6 months by using different employment agencies, business affiliates or sub-contracting arrangements;

Every employer is tied to an ABN/ACN therefore the visa holder cannot usually work for the same employer/ABN/ACN for more than 6 months, however some exceptions apply:

  • Generally, separate businesses (for example, with different ABNs) may be considered different employers for the purpose of condition 8547 therefore if the applicant works under a different ABN/ACN after 6 month this would be acceptable
  • A visa holder may, however, work for the same employer for a combined total of more than 6 months, provided the work is undertaken in different locations and work in any one location does not exceed 6 months. Examples include different hotels, resorts or restaurants in the same chain; independently-owned franchises; and separate branches or facilities (such as farms or abattoirs) of the same organisation or business owner. However, working in a different position at the same workplace (for example, changing to a cleaning role after initially working for 6 months at reception) would be considered a continuation of employment with the same end user.
  • Employment extensions may be granted if the visa holder has applied (as a primary or secondary applicant) for a visa that would allow them to continue full time work with the same employer – in other words, as soon as we have submitted a 482 temporary work visa for example, we then provide evidence as part of a request for an extension of the 6 month work limit to the Department of Immigration, just ask us to arrange and we will handle for you
  • Extensions should not be granted in anticipation of a visa application – in other words, if you are planning to apply for a 482 temporary work visa however have not yet lodged the application, the Department of Immigration will generally not grant an extension to work beyond 6 months

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