Do you need to change your course of study?

If you are feeling uncertain about the career path you have chosen and you are thinking about exploring other options for study, you are not alone, it is more common than you think!

Often students choose a course on study based on their family’s interests or because they believe they will find employment in a particular area however choosing a career based on other peoples’ ideas rather than your own often doesn’t turn out to be a smart move.

It is important to think about various aspects including your long term objectives and what type of study would suit your character and personality. We offer resources to explore information to help you decide which path would be the best for you.

Sometimes other things can also interfere with studying and settling in a new country such as feeling homesick, personal problems or you may just feel that the course of study you have chosen is too difficult. We can provide support and also explain any possible implications in relation to your student visa if you change your course.

Our education consultants can help you choose the right study path for you based on your objectives. We offer education counselling and career guidance and as we are in close contact with many educational institutions we often receive special rates on course fees for our clients to help you save money. Just call or email us to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists.