Skilled visas: How long will it take to receive an invitation?

Once an Expression of Interest application has been lodged, processing time to receive an invitation depends on various factors including the following:

  • type of occupation
  • points score
  • number of years of skilled employment
  • immigration work load level
  • skills shortage level
  • number of applications received
  • total number of invitations being issued per program year

Invitations are issued regularly, normally every month however at times invitations for certain occupations may be issued even several times per month such as in the case of medical occupations, nurses or trades occupations which are at the top of the skills shortages list. For other occupations, the process may be much longer. Currently, many applications have been received by Accountants and IT professionals therefore for these occupations, only those with high points scores are being sent invitations in this period.

For the Skilled 489 visa, few invitations are currently being issued for most regions including family sponsorship.

If you wish to speed up the process and increase your chances to obtain an invitation quickly to proceed to the next stage, the only way is to increase your points score. Review your points using our points test calculator to get an idea of whether it may be possible for you to achieve additional points.

Keep in mind that specific criteria applies to claim points, it is easy to miscalculate. Arrange a consultation with us to check your eligibility and discuss visa options for your situation.