“The best decision that I made in my life”

I met Anna and Dinkar in one of the free sessions that they hold on Saturdays at their offices. The reason why I went was to support one of my friends who had sponsorship, and was looking for options to have the PR. At the time I was with student visa, my work was willing to help me to change my visa situation so after consultation with two different immigration companies I found out that the only solution for me was the 457 visa.

At the visa seminar I learned about other options and after I met with Anna Maria for an in-depth assessment I discovered that the 457 visa was not required in my case and that I could apply for permanent residency directly! I was so surprised.

At that time I was already with another immigration agency for sponsorship application (as they told me that was the only option that I had) I withdraw the application with them and start new one with Australian Immigration Specialist. The best decision that I made in my life.

a) Professional. Main quality of Australian Immigration Specialists. Very Important.
b) Knowledgeable.
c) Passionate people.
d) Understandable. Visa process is very long and tedious. It is really important to have a good connection with your agent as you will go through very frustrating periods.
e) Not fake expectations. It is very important to know the reality of your situation and your chances, Visas usually involved a big amount of money, you don’t want anyone who plays with you giving fake expectations.
f) Loyal.

I will 100% recommend Australian Immigrants Specialists. My case was a very difficult as I went through Student Visa to Permanent Resident and it was successful. No words to explain my gratitude.