“AIS helped us to achieve a dream lifestyle”

We learnt about AIS surfing the internet. We decided to attend the information session to better understand AIS and the migration process.

The initial consultation was excellent. We had a face-to- face interview with Anna Maria Alba who helped us to understand which our options were, the approximate time frame and the costs throughout the process. Also, we got a good idea of the overall documentation and paperwork required.

To be honest, the migration process is hard in many different ways. It takes time, patience and discipline. I am glad we did it through AIS as they smoothed it significantly for us. What I liked the most was that we could always contact someone whenever we had a question or query. This constant communication built trust, and allowed us to focus on our daily routines knowing there was someone working on behalf of our best interest. Also, the relationship with AIS was always professional and clear.

Not sure if someone can feel completely relaxed or calmed during a migration process due to its nature. However, AIS definitely helped us to remain positive most of the time by providing us with alternatives in case circumstances changed (“plan-B” or “what if” scenarios).

AIS helped us to achieve a dream lifestyle.

If people do not have time, knowledge of the laws or the discipline to organize many, many documents, then AIS is the perfect option.