“Today I am starting a new chapter of my life, Thank You AIS!!”

After a year and a half living Down Under as a French traveler, my decision to become an Australian resident quickly turned into my goal number 1. I started eagerly to do some research but the truth is I got lost in a multitude of visa and administrative process that appeared very discouraging to me. I had no idea of what visa I could be eligible for.

That’s why I decided to attend a meeting organised by Australiance, an organisation that helps international professionals to settle down in Australia. During the meeting I met Anna Maria from the Australian Immigration Specialists. She was really professional and genuine during her presentation regarding migration process, my vision got clearer and two days after I booked a consultation.

My first consultation with Anna gave me hope. After analyzing my situation she found a permanent residency visa I was eligible for. A week after we were starting the process and during the whole time she has always made her best to run a complicated process smoothly. She was proactive, efficient, reliable, quick. We also have been through difficult times but she has always found an alternative to make it work.

Anna does cares about her clients and it makes the difference. I remember her working late on a Sunday to submit my application on time. I could have given up many times but Anna was really supportive and I was determined too. I found a real added-value in getting Anna to help me out with my application. On my own, I would have probably failed and given up on my Aussie dream.

I would recommend Australian Immigration Specialists to anyone, like me, who has a strong will and desire to start a new journey in Australia. They truly helped me to achieve my goals and fulfill my dream. Today I am starting a new chapter of my life, Thank You AIS!!