“We highly recommend Anna Maria…she is brilliant”

After a long discussion with my wife we decided Australia was going to be our choice for a better life. We both wanted a new adventure but we wanted to make sure we were making the right choice for a secure future.

After starting the visa process and applying for sponsorship we realised it wasn’t going to be easy but we loved how our life had changed so much and we could see our future was brighter and more positive.

I was recommended by a friend to contact Anna Maria and we are so glad we did. The entire process had been stressful however Anna made it so much easier. She has updated my wife and myself on any progress or steps that needed to be taken and has never missed a beat. Her response to emails and phones has been amazing, always prompt and never delayed.

I’m so happy my sponsorship has been approved and without a doubt in my mind I will be contacting Anna for the next step in my journey to permanent residency.

My wife and I would highly recommend Anna Maria to anyone starting the immigration process. She is brilliant.