“You made my dream come true!”

From childhood I wanted to live abroad. It’s not that I don’t like my country, Albania, in fact I love it, but from what I have seen and heard it is very hard to have a secure life, because of different reasons that I don’t like to mention. I studied a lot, I even started a perfect job as an engineer in Albania as I graduated as a telecommunications engineer but I still haven’t felt happy overall and my job and my husband’s job was always insecure.

As my sister lives in Perth, Western Australia, I always wanted to go there. I heard of Australian Immigration Specialists in Sydney and contacted them. I felt skeptic in general, as there are different offices in Albania that offer support for helping people to migrate to Australia but many take a lot of money and nothing good happens. With the Australian Immigration Specialists it was totally different. I still cannot believe the process is all over and it ended in the best way. Yes..I got it, I got permanent residency! I don’t know how the other procedures are for other types of visas, but what I know is that for the skilled independent visa process it was too difficult for me but Anna Maria Alba made it very easy for me. She helped me with every step, each part of the procedure.

As I’m still in Albania, I haven’t met Anna Maria in person yet but i know she’s great as she made the impossible, possible. Her office never got tired with my questions and with my insecurity. And yes..we did it, they did it…I know that a “Thank You” is never enough to express my gratitude for them, I just know that…

You made my dream come true!

Thank you Australian Immigration Specialists and thank you Anna Maria Alba.