Australian style resume and cover letter

How to create an Australian style CV also known as a resume

Keep in mind your resume, cover letter and all communication with employers needs to be about what you can do for them not what they can do for you.

  • Recruiters spend less than 30 seconds to scan through a resume so it needs to capture the viewer’s attention
  • Use a simple layout
  • Don’t include your birth date, marital status, personal photos (unless you’re applying for a fashion job?)
  • If you have a complex long name, difficult to pronounce create a nick name and use in all written communication
  • Add key skills and work experience at the top of the resume



  • Example order of contents
    • Key Skills
    • Career Objective
    • Experience
    • Achievements eg awards
    • Education and Training
    • Referees – please inform them in advance so they can be prepared
    • See an example

How to write a cover letter?

  • Add your cover letter as the front page of your resume
  • Should be brief, 2-3 paragraphs max
  • Include the following:
    • date
    • your email address
    • name of the person you are writing to or ‘Dear Manager’ or person’s name
    • brief introduction
    • your top skills
    • experience
    • interview request
    • signature
  • Ensure your résumé/cover letter is free of errors, ask a strong English speaker to review it before you send to an employer – don’t expect an employer to hire you if you cannot demonstrate that you are capable of communicating well in english
  • See an example

You can find more resume and cover letter templates here

Have you found a job yet?

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